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Welcome to the Stork to Cradle Doula Care RESOURCES PAGE!

Read on for local Kamloops resources as well as a wealth of online information.

We’re always updating this page with relevant pregnancy, birth, childbirth, postpartum and breastfeeding resources, so please come back soon!

If you are a service provider or resource and would like to be listed, please contact us!



Kamloops Breastfeeding Services

Jocelyn Haight is an RN and IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant).  Kamloops Breastfeeding Services, offers prenatal breastfeeding education and postpartum home visits to support families to be successful with their breastfeeding goals.

Kamloops Breastfeeding Clinic

Public Health Unit Breastfeeding Clinic offers a trio in breastfeeding clinic on Mondays and Thursdays.
519 Columbia Street, Kamloops

Registered Massage Therapists

Roots and Branches

Roots and Branches Wellness is a homebased Massage Therapy clinic with beautiful views of the Thompson River and North Valley established in 2015. The clinic is a relaxing, calm environment dedicated to providing noticeable, measurable results and personalized wellness care.

Dimensional Wellness – Jil Forbs

Prenatal Registered Massage Therapy as well as Prenatal Yoga

Claybank Massage Therapy – Yanna Hall

From pre-natal massage care, to babies with digestive discomfort, young adults (and older adults) who suffer with sports injuries, accident victims, or the aches and pains of daily life – Clay Bank Massage Therapy can help.

Kamloops Active Health

Prenatal and postnatal chiropractic and massage care.


Kamloops Integrated Wellness

Kamloops Integrated Wellness is a multidisciplinary clinic located in the heart of downtown Kamloops. They provide a quality integrated approach to health care for your entire family.

Kamloops Active Health

Prenatal and postnatal chiropractic and massage care.

Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine

Wild Roots Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture

Chinese medicine, both acupuncture and Classical herbal medicine, can offer relief for many common problems experienced in pregnancy and in the post partum period. These remedies and practices have been time tested over thousands years.

Vital Points

Vital Point Acupuncture can treat body pain during pregnancy. Acupuncture and cupping is extremely effective particularly for sciatica, neck/shoulder pain, and morning sickness. We can also support cervical ripening closer to birth time.


Tracy Levins at Kamloops Naturopathic Clinic

Kamloops Naturopathic Clinic is a general family practice concerned with treating all members of the family with health and wellness issues ranging from optimizing well being and longevity to treatment of acute and chronic disease.

Jennifer Mathews at Full Circle Healing Arts

Full Circle Healing Arts offers Naturopathic services from Dr. Jennifer Matthews.


Resolve Health Care

Resolve Health Care therapists have taken extensive training in the management of women in the childbearing years. Whether you have a Diastasis Rectus Abdominus, lumbopelvic, hip, spinal or neck pain we have the education and the training to help. Our team has also taken advanced training in rehabilitation of the pelvic floor and conditions like prolapse and incontinence. Often women have both problems with spinal control and pelvic floor disorders, so we offer comprehensive assessment and treatment and individualized advice to help you to function your best and enjoy your life – and your new baby! Our therapists also use ultrasound to treat plugged ducts provided acute mastitis (red, hot, infected) has been ruled out by your doctor.

Registered Clinical Counselors

Alternatives Counselling

Dave Melville is a Registered Clinical Counselor with extensive experience in the field.

Catherine Cloutier at Sandstone Centre

Catherine Cloutier has over 20 years of counselling experience.  Over ten years of these years in private practice, she has also owned and operated a yoga studio.  Her counselling philosophy is a complementary combination of evidenced based counselling approaches, mindfulness, yoga therapy, relaxation therapy, and hypnotherapy.

Resolve Health Care – Nedy Aberdeen

Nedy has a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology and is registered with the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors. She is a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) who has been practicing for over 25 years in a variety of mental health settings. She has a lot of experience working with individuals with anxiety, depression, stress and work related issues, eating disorders, persistent pain and chronic illness.
(250) 372-1529

Maternity Care Providers

Mighty Oak Midwifery

Mighty Oak Midwifery Care midwives strive to provide professional care that is respectful and supportive of your personal values, decisions and healthcare needs, so that you may give birth safely, with power and dignity.

Thompson Rivers Family Obstetrics

Family Physicians who provide individualized maternity and medical care for women in Kamloops and the surrounding region during their pregnancy and postpartum period.

Dr. Erin Adams- OB/GYN


Dr. Hilary Baikie – OB/GYN


Dr. Jennifer Kozic – OB/GYN


Dr. Paula Lott – OB/GYN


Dr. Pamela Sproule – OB/GYN


Dr. Mark Treissman – OB/GYN


Dr. Thom Wroz – OB/GYN


Pregnancy and Baby Goods Stores

Lizzie Bits Baby Co.

Founded in 2009, Lizzie Bits Baby Co. was born to fill two needed niches in the Kamloops, BC marketplace – children’s consignment clothing and cloth diapers. Over the past 7 years, Lizzie Bits has evolved to be so much more:  it is a place to gather and to support our fellow parents. It is also the best spot in Kamloops to find great quality name brand children’s and maternity clothing, natural parenting items, baby carriers, and nursing products.


Cloth diapering, apparel and more!


SleepBelt naturally mimics the womb – delivering deep pressure touch (with the unique 4-way stretch), and keeping baby properly and securely positioned over your heart.  This allows them to adjust to the world outside, while you to adapt to your new role, too.

Pre/Post Natal Fitness and Nutrition

Back to Basic Eats – Gabrielle Charlebois

In home food prep services.

Kamloops Barre Prenatal and Mom and Baby Classes

BARRE Kamloops, we believe a fit pregnancy is a healthy and happy one! The 6-Week Pre-Natal BARRE sessions are a great way to stay strong through you pregnancy, and also an awesome way to meet other mommas-to-be.

Yoga Loft Prenatal, Postpartum and Mom and Baby Classes

The Yoga Loft is more than a place to take a class. We are a community and the studio is home. Dedicated to self care created through practices of yoga and its sister science ayurveda, we are committed to making your experience nourishing and nurturing. From our ample supply of props to easy check in and payment processes and a variety of programs- we are here to partner with you in your wellness practices. Owner managed and community minded, we know that each student who comes to our studio has a unique reason for embarking on the path of yoga. The Yoga Loft offers ongoing Thursday evening pre-natal classes, taught by long-term instructor Tania McCartney. Tania practiced yoga through her own pregnancies, and her extensive training make her a  fantastic resource for moms to be. Our Tuesday 7pm Restorative Class is also pre-natal friendly!

Kamloops Hot Yoga Prenatal Yoga Classes

This non-heated class series provides an opportunity to deepen your relationship with your body and baby through yoga postures, breath, vocal toning and meditation – all in a supportive environment. Reduce stress and discomfort in pregnancy, have an easier more satisfying birthing experience with healthier outcomes and discover tools that support you during your transformation into parenthood. No previous yoga experience required. Mats will be provided if needed.

Dimensional Wellness Prenatal Yoga Classes

This class is intended for pregnancies at any stage, to safely and effectively provide relief from pregnancy related aches and pains as well as strengthening the pelvic floor through breath integration. Modifications and props provided.

Family Support Services

Family Tree Services

Kamloops Family Resources Society is a non-profit society and registered Canadian charity. Our vision is a community where families have the support and personal capacity to overcome life’s challenges and reach their desired potential. At our Family Tree Family Centre, families enjoy a warm and respectful environment where they find support in each other, in visiting professionals, and in the caring staff who understand how to connect people with the help they need.
657 Seymour Street
Kamloops BC, V2C 2H2

Baby’s Head Start Program

A free pregnancy outreach program that sees women pre and postnatally until 6 months postpartum.

First Steps Program

Education, life skills and parenting program for young mothers who have not graduated high school.

Access Kamloops Online Resources Guide

Local guide for services in Kamloops

Crisis Support Services

Pregnancy Care Centre

Pregnancy Care Centre of Kamloops is a faith based charity that serves all people impacted by a crisis pregnancy, regardless of age, race, income, nationality, religion, disability or other arbitrary circumstances.
24 hr. Crisis Line: 250-376-4646

Y Women’s Shelter

Violence Against Women Intervention and Support Services offers a continuum of services to help women and children find safety and support when leaving violence.  If you or someone you know is looking for safety these programs can help.


Founded in 1918, the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) is a national charity that helps maintain and improve mental health for all Canadians.

Kamloops Mental Health Centre

Mental health centres provide many services including adult community support, adult short-term assessment and treatment, community residential programs, geriatric programs, crisis intervention, day and outpatient programs, addictions counselling, concurrent disorders services, group therapy, peer support, and after-hours mental health support.

Maternity and Newborn Photography

Milk and Honey Photography

Maternity, newborn, baby and family photography.

Bunny and the Bee Photography

Maternity, newborn, family and birth photography.
(250) 299-2740

Postpartum Services

Birthing Insights 

V-steam rentals, Benkung Belly Binding and Postpartum Ceremonies.
(250) 682-1301

Infant and Toddler Play Programs


Birth Locations

Royal Inland Hospital

The Royal Inland Hospital (RIH) is in the Thompson Cariboo Shuswap health service area and is one of two Interior Health tertiary referral hospitals.
311 Columbia Street, Kamloops, BC V2C 2T1

Nona Luna Birth Centre

Beautiful birth centre operated by Mighty Oak Midwifery!

Blessingway Ceremonies

Rights of Passage Ceremonies

What ever your beliefs are Angela can design a ceremony that will fit. Angela offers Baby Blessing and Naming ceremonies as well as Blessingway ceremonies.

Birthing Insights 

Pregnancy, birth, postpartum and sisterhood ceremonies.
(250) 682-1301



Birth Takes A Village

Birth Takes a Village is run by Jessica Austin, a birth doula and informed choice activist. She believes women’s rights to choices about their births are of utmost importance. She strives to promote a gentle and informed birth culture through her birth work,  educational blog and childbirth education classes, as well as by participating in local campaigns to raise awareness about important issues in maternal health care. She also trains new doulas through the Wise Woman Way of Birth doula certifying program.

Birth Without Fear

Birth Without Fear began as a simple passion to let women know they have choices in childbirth. It then evolved to become an inspiration and support to women and their families through their trying to conceive, pregnancy, birth and post partum journeys.

Lamaze Blog: Giving Birth with Confidence

Giving Birth with Confidence is an online community, created by Lamaze International, written for and by real women (and men) with a variety of trustworthy, timely and appealing stories, articles and tips related to pregnancy, birth and parenting. Our goal is to help women achieve healthy pregnancies and safe, satisfying births by offering a meeting ground to obtain information and support from other women, Lamaze-Certified Childbirth Educators and knowledgeable experts.

Rockstart Birth Magazine Blog

Rockstar Birth Magazine empowers families to become ROCKSTAR birthers!

Birth Stories

Birth Trauma

The Birth Trauma Association

The Birth Trauma Association (BTA) supports all people who have had a traumatic birth experience. They offer email support. Their Weblinks Page can direct you to other birth trauma resources.

Vancouver Birth Trauma

Comprehensive resources list and connection opportunities for people who have experienced birth trauma

Solace for Mothers

Solace for Mothers is an organization designed for the sole purpose of providing and creating support for women who have experienced childbirth as traumatic. They have an online forum for connection, a list of other resources and more.


PATTCH is a Collective of Birth and Mental Health Experts Dedicated to the Prevention and Treatment of Traumatic Childbirth. Their resource guide is a preliminary collection of reflections written by many of the PATTCh Board members. The goal is to begin a conversation that explains the components of traumatic birth, increases awareness, and promotes prevention.


Kelly Mom

Website dedicated to providing evidence-based information on breastfeeding and parenting.

La Leche League

To encourage, promote and provide mother-to-mother breastfeeding support and educational opportunities as an important contribution to the health of children, families and society.

Breastfeeding Inc 

Their resources have been created by world-leading lactation medicine experts led by International Board Certification Lactation Consultant, Edith Kernerman. Kernerman has spoken internationally at lactation medicine conferences, and has created numerous resources for both health care professionals around the world. She has seen thousands and thousands of babies and families over the years. Breastfeeding Inc is committed to making your breastfeeding experience the wonderful joy you always hoped it to be.

Stanford University

Videos and images of carefully evaluated techniques to enable successful breastfeeding for mother and child.

Breech Birth

Spinning Babies

A site with information and videos to improve fetal position (breech, transverse, posterior) and birth.

Birth Takes A Village Blog

Blog about breech birth resources.

Cesarean Birth

Optimal Birth BC

Optimal Birth BC is a team of clinical practitioners and researchers who work with health authorities in BC to critically review rates of cesarean birth and associated patient and practice-related factors.


The International Cesarean Awareness Network is a non-profit organization whose mission is to improve maternal-child health by reducing preventable cesareans through education, supporting cesarean recovery, and advocating for vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC).

ICAN of North Okanagan: International Cesarean Awareness Network

Phone: 250 545 4372

Cesarean Articles and Research:

Home Birth

Canadian Women’s Health Network

The Canadian Women’s Health Network (CWHN) was created in 1993 as a voluntary national organization to improve the health and lives of girls and women in Canada and the world by collecting, producing, distributing and sharing knowledge, ideas, education, information, resources, strategies and inspirations.

Birth Takes A Village Blog – Home Birth Blog

Blog post discussing home birth.

Maternity Care Provider Guidelines and Reports:

Society of Obstetricians

A leading authority on reproductive health care, the SOGC produces national clinical guidelines for both public and medical education on important women’s health issues.

College of Midwives of BC

The College sets standards of professional practice for registered midwives and works to ensure midwives meet those standards to deliver safe, ethical and effective care.

Medications in Pregnancy & While Nursing

Mother Risk

The Motherisk Program at the Hospital for Sick Children provides up-to-date information about the risk and safety of medications and other exposures during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Research and education in the program is also an important ongoing activity.

Infant Risk 

The world’s leading research center for medication safety during pregnancy and lactation.


Mindful Mama Facebook Group (LOCAL to Kamloops)

Mind the Bump App

Brought to you by Smiling Mind and beyondblue, Mind the Bump is a free Mindfulness Meditation App to help individuals and couples support their mental and emotional wellbeing in preparation for having a baby and becoming a new parent

Expectful App

Expectful is guided meditation for your fertility, pregnancy, & motherhood journey. Nurture yourself and your loved ones through our preparing to conceive, pregnancy, & motherhood guided meditations, customized for each stage of your journey.


Pregnancy and Infant Loss

BC Bereavement Helpline

The BC Bereavement Helpline (BCBH) is here for you. We are a non-profit, free, and confidential service that connects the public to grief support services within the province of BC.

Facebook Support Group: Kamloops and Area Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support Group

Facebook Support Group: BC Childloss Support Network 

Facebook Support Group: The Compassionate Friend’s of Canada

Facebook Support Group: Miss Foundation

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep

Online support resources.

Remembrance Items: A Place to Remember Shop

Molly Bears

Molly Bears non profit: personalized teddy bears that are made to weigh the same as the lost baby.

Pregnancy Care Centre Kamloops

Pregnancy care centre Kamloops offers an infant loss support group.

VBAC is a privately funded website that has been providing evidence-based information on VBAC and reducing the odds for a cesarean section since 1998.

VBAC Facts helps birth professionals, and parents who have had cesareans, through training and consulting that allows them to achieve clarity on the evidence and politics surrounding VBAC. They also help advocates, facilities, and organizations through consulting on legislation and hospital policies that inhibit access to VBAC.

Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders

Postpartum Support International

PSI is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote awareness, prevention and treatment of mental health issues related to childbearing in every country worldwide.

Mental Health Information Line


Pacific Postpartum Support Society

Pacific Post Partum Support Society has been supporting mothers and their families experiencing postpartum/perinatal distress, depression and anxiety for over 45 years. They offer telephone and in person support for mothers, their partner’s and their supporters.

Other sources for pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum, breastfeeding and infant information:

Healthy Families BC

HealthyFamilies BC is the Province’s health promotion plan to encourage British Columbians to make healthier choices.

Power to Push

The goal of Power to Push is to provide up-to-date resources for pregnant women and their families in British Columbia (BC), encouraging them to know their options, advocate for their choices, and push for the safest and best birth possible. The campaign also offers research-based information and resources to maternity care providers across BC to help them support every woman’s childbirth choices.


UpToDate is an evidence-based, physician-authored clinical decision support resource which clinicians trust to make the right point-of-care decisions.

Canadian Paediatric Society 

The Canadian Paediatric Society is the national association of paediatricians, committed to working together to advance the health of children and youth by nurturing excellence in health care, advocacy, education, research and support of its membership.

Mother’s Naturally

Mothers Naturally is a source for information about natural pregnancy and natural childbirth.

Childbirth Connection

Childbirth Connection’s mission is to improve the quality and value of maternity care through consumer engagement and health system transformation. Childbirth Connection promotes safe, effective and satisfying evidence-based maternity care and is a voice for the needs and interests of childbearing families.

International Childbirth Educators Association

The International Childbirth Education Association (ICEA) is a professional organization that supports educators and health care professionals who believe in freedom to make decisions based on knowledge of alternatives in family-centered maternity and newborn care. For consumers they provide publications and resources.

Lamaze International

Lamaze is a nonprofit organization that promotes a natural, healthy and safe approach to pregnancy, childbirth and early parenting. Knowing that pregnancy and childbirth can be demanding on a woman’s body and mind, Lamaze serves as a resource for information about what to expect and what choices are available during the childbearing years.

Penny Simkin

Penny Simkin, PT, is a physical therapist who has specialized in childbirth education and labor support since 1968. Her website has free videos, articles and other resources.

Orgasmic Birth

Orgasmic Birth encourages viewers examine their perceptions about childbirth and to consider issues that are crucial to the health and well-being of future generations.

Citizens for Midwifery

Citizens for Midwifery is a non-profit, volunteer, grassroots organization. Founded by several mothers in 1996, it is the only national consumer-based group promoting the Midwives Model of Care. Their website provides resources and advocacy tools. 

Improving Birth Coalition

Free evidence based documents and resources.

Mother’s Advocate

Mother’s Advocate is dedicated to helping you have the healthiest, safest, most satisfying birth possible. While every birth is unique there is substantial evidence that points to ways you can improve your chances of having the best birth experience. This website offers free video clips and print materials that will educate and inform you on how to have the birth you want for you and your baby.

National Institue for Health and Care Excellence – Evidence Search

NICE evidence search provides access to selected and authoritative evidence in health, social care and public health.


NCT is a UK organization designed to support parents. They give them accurate, impartial information so that they can decide what’s best for their family, and they introduce them to a network of parents to gain practical and emotional support.

National Association of Certified Professional Midwives 

The National Association of Certified Professional Midwives (NACPM) is the membership organization specifically representing Certified Professional Midwives (CPM) in the United States. Their website contains resources and research that may be of use to expecting parents.

Midwives Alliance North America – Research Page

MANA is committed to enabling transformative research, promoting an evidence-based midwifery model of care, addressing health disparities, and achieving optimal outcomes through normal physiologic birth and healthcare across the lifespan.

Human Rights in Childbirth 

HRiC mission is to resolve and support the major human rights of pregnant women.

Cochrane Database

Cochrane’s vision is a world of improved health where decisions about health and health care are informed by high-quality, relevant and up-to-date synthesized research evidence.

Primal Health Research

Research databank for all studies exploring correlations between the primal period and health and personality traits later on in life.

Perinatal Services BC

Perinatal Services BC (PSBC) provides leadership, support, and coordination for the strategic planning of perinatal services in British Columbia and is the central source in the province for evidence-based perinatal information.

Evidence Based Birth

Evidence Based Birth provides current evidence based information in the hands of communities so they can make empowered choices.